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This shit ain't supposed to happen to us down here. And it don't look like we are going to be seeing it this week either.. There are only so many quilt racks, gun racks, plant stands, and coffee tables I can build before I need to get my ass outside.. And if the water gets in the middle fifties, and stays there very long, you might as well stay at home and play with Mama.. The wind was a factor last Saturday, and from what I heard, the Quality Bass Club leader only had either fourteen or seventeen pounds after fishing day one.. Not the drinking one) at the course, he was having a banner day on the water. And I am feeling like I am going to bust a big ole bitch any day.. The big hardwoods are still holding some fish, but not as good as they were the week before.. This is south Texas and this shit won't last long.. I couldn't move her at all at first and I knew I had a good one on and hollered for the net. And for some, a few fantastic days have been experienced.. And while I was testing my elbow (The golfing one.. I caught a couple of fives and a few three to four pound fish, but more importantly than that, I caught a bad case of anticipation.. And when I set the hook this time I knowed it wadn't no two pounder.. Can you imagine how many eggs that thing might hold? It is getting Summer time around here so keep that in mind if you decide to venture down. If you want to go crappie fishing, give me a call and I'll hook you up with a guide that will put you on em..

And yes I whacked em pretty decent on a spinnerbait in about four to six feet of water.. I know that you think I am crazy, (conceivably so) but I believe we had a small group of fish spawn last week on the moon and with the rising water.. After day one:1st THREE fish for 23.89 2nd THREE fish for 22.08 3rd Three fish for 20.45Big Bass was not caught by any of the top three.. I did not hear exact final weights from anybody but I believe that Ingram's top two day stringer was about 30 pounds.. I was at the boat ramp yesterday, and there were several dead fish on the bank and floating around the area. You should be able to keep three fish alive in two livewells.. And I have certainly caught or missed plenty of short fish, a bunch of which have eaten the back half of my Ol Monster.. The offshore bite is hit and miss, but better fish are still coming on big crankbaits and now and then a jig. But I hope you can let Jesus take the wheel for a while and enjoy your time off. The ones that said Un-uh to biting what I was throwing back in the day when I would actually fish days like these.. Think creek channel edges like we have been saying for months.. But they are all pussies like me and they are standing around in the store looking at their feet.. Christmas can be a stressful time for many, and my life is certainly not without drama either. So I may shed my tattered coat, And get my ass, Back in my boat.. Two freaking weeks and I have not been on the water.. Evidently these fish are different that the Falcon fish I knew.. If you can find one of these pods of fish, you can get fat in a hurry.. The south end of the lake is still where it is at.. And today makes yesterday look like a good fishing day.. I did speak to a couple of folks that fished yesterday..

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I have been in the deer blind all week thinking that this frozen tundra shit would get the deer stirred up.. Yes, cause I was having too much fun in Salsa Land.. I did fish last Sunday morning on the Texas side between Bob's Knob and Pierce's.. Anyway I was telling you that we were fishing last Thursday and we caught a bunch of fish.. I weighed em all and there was a lot of six and seven pound fish in the mix.. Several eight pound fish were caught, and one ten I hear form the Laredo group. I will be doing fish care at the weigh in, but I can't save em if you bring em in on life support.. There are quite a few keeper fish in the mix, but I have not caught any giants flipping the woods lately..

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